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“Peppered with sharp dialogue and dark comedy, Thomas McKechnie's script brings (the avenging female duo) up against a man eager for rough,  kinky sex who's not the women's usual victim. [...] The cast, under Bruce  Gooch's direction - play the slippery power games expertly.”

– Jon Kaplan,  NOW Magazine


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    Outstanding New Play

    Outstanding Ensemble


“Valkyrie is so, so dark and so, so good. It goes where most shows won't. The dialogue is punchy, raunchy and believable and so are the characters. The story is definitely extreme, but that’s the great thing about theatre: it can go there, to that dark place where society and your conscience says you shouldn’t go.”

Samantha Wu, Mooney on Theatre



An original play by Thomas McKechnie

Directed by Bruce Gooch

A 2014 Toronto Fringe Festival Selection

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? What if the women are dedicated, methodical, trained in Krav Maga, know where to stick a knife, know how to hide a pistol, know how to hide a body? Bradley and Erin are avenging Valkyries; girlfriends out for adulterer's blood...and other body parts.


Monique Renaud: Bradley
Tara Koehler: Erin
Spencer Robson: Jared